Heating Your Home During The Holidays

Heating Your Home During The Holidays

Picture this: Your in-laws, nieces, nephews, cousins, aunts, uncles—everyone has come to your home to celebrate the holidays! There’s food on the table, holiday music playing in the background, the eggnog is a-flowing, and… every nose running?!

That’s right! Every member of the family is sporting a red nose, rosy cheeks, and a few extra layers – all because someone didn’t take that extra step to ensure that the heating system was as ready for holiday visitors as you were! 

The BEST option for you to avoid a holiday heating disaster like THIS is to get your heating system serviced BEFORE the holidays. The last thing you need is a house full of frozen guests, and Nebrasky’s team of technicians will make sure your heating system is ready for the big day. Don’t wait, schedule your appointment TODAY!

If you simply don’t have the time between gift buying, gift wrapping, decorating, and caroling, we have five simple home heating tips to help you stay warm this holiday season:

  1. Utilize rugs and carpets.
    • Rugs and carpets are great ways to accentuate your home while helping keep it warm. Placing rugs on top of uninsulated floors like tile, wood, or laminate, can help maintain 10% of your heating! 
  2. Switch the direction of your ceiling fans.
    • Did you know that if you switch your ceiling fan to run clockwise, it’ll blow WARM air into the room instead of COOL air? In the colder months, try reversing the motor on your ceiling fan to help keep your house comfy and cozy. 
  3. Lower your thermostat when you leave the house.
    • If the kids are at school and the adults are at work during the day, consider lowering your thermostat! There’s no sense in heating an empty home, and it’ll be better on your wallet in the long run. 
  4. Use space heaters.
    • Space heaters are a great, cost-effective way to enhance your current heating system. They’re especially good for those hard-to-heat rooms, like above the garage or north and south facing rooms. Just remember to use them sparingly as they ARE a fire hazard, and never leave them on while unattended. 
  5. Don’t block heating vents.
    • Furniture and decorations — especially holiday decorations — can block your heating vents, which puts a strain on your HVAC system and can lead to a shorter lifespan, needed repairs, or other defects. Be cautious when arranging the rooms of your house this holiday season! 

PRO-TIP: Do you know what’s just as important as a heating check-up this holiday season? A PLUMBING check-up this holiday season! Last month, we talked about the horrors of Brown Friday and how the holidays often lead to plumbing problems (clogged drains and disposals are just the tip of the ice-berg). Lucky for you, Nebrasky also has plumbing check-up appointments available before the holiday season! 

Contact Nebrasky Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Inc. TODAY to make sure your home is ready to go for the big holiday party. Call us at 1-800-796-6853 or fill out our appointment form on our website at https://www.nebraskyplumbing.com/appointment.

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