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Comfort that’s convenient!

Your residence is probably the most significant investment you’ll ever make. At Nebrasky Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, we’re committed to ensuring that your plumbing, heating, and air conditioning systems operate at their best. That’s where our NEW Home Care Club program comes in.

By enrolling in this program, you empower us to oversee and upkeep essential systems in your home, providing you with peace of mind. Choose from one of our three Home Care plans to become a member of our Home Care Club and enjoy benefits like:

  • Annual heating, plumbing &/or air conditioning system tune-ups
  • Multi-point inspections & safety checks
  • Carbon monoxide leakage checks*
  • Preferred booking
  • Discounts on repairs & emergency services
  • Email service reminders
  • Special sales/promos
  • Regular newsletters with tips & offers
  • Locked-in pricing

Similar to how regular tuning and servicing keep your car in top shape and maintain its performance, routine maintenance for your home’s HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems is equally essential.

Please review the details of each package below and contact us by calling 800-796-6853 or email [email protected] to discuss which one is the best fit for you! A member of our team will be in touch to get your membership started right away!

*Deadly carbon monoxide leaks kill hundreds of people in the U.S. each year. Nebrasky Plumbing, Heating & Cooling was the first contractor in New York State to be certified in carbon monoxide detection and repair.


Annual tune-ups for plumbing + heating + cooling


As low as $422.17 annually*

*With prepayment & autorenewal; cost dependent on types & number of systems



Annual tune-ups for heating + cooling


As low as $291.15 annually*

*With prepayment & autorenewal; cost dependent on types & number of systems



Annual tune-up for heating OR cooling OR plumbing


As low as $161.76 annually*

*With prepayment & autorenewal; cost dependent on types & number of systems

Service available for ductless, tankless, water heaters, water softeners, water conditioners, multiple units


Receive 15% OFF your HCC plan when you prepay AND sign up for auto-renewal.

Receive 10% OFF your HCC plan when you prepay.

PLUS, monthly payment plans (with 0% interest!) are available for our Universal Care & Comfort Care plans when you sign up for auto-renewal.*

*Not available for single-unit, single-service contracts; contact us to discuss applicable options for single-service plans that include multiple units of the same type.

2024 Home Care Club Membership FAQs

Enhanced Efficiency & Savings: By preventing HVAC units from overexerting themselves, they operate more efficiently in heating or cooling, thereby reducing overall costs.

Extended HVAC Lifespan: Consistent maintenance ensures that your HVAC system operates effectively for a longer period.

Optimized Performance: Regular maintenance eliminates scenarios where your HVAC fails to provide adequate cooling in summer or sufficient warmth in winter.

Improved Indoor Air Quality: Routine maintenance, including owner-supplied filter replacements and debris removal, enhances the overall air quality inside your home, promoting a fresher atmosphere.

Priority Customer Service: Our Home Care Club members receive preferred booking, ensuring prompt assistance over non-members.

A: The expansion of our HCC program is designed to offer our customers even more options for added service and convenience.

A: We have not increased our Home Care Club costs in over five years (even during the pandemic), but increasing costs across the board make it unavoidable. However, we’re pleased to offer our customers the option to enjoy 2023 prices with prepayment and auto-renewal.

A: We recommend scheduling your service(s) as far in advance as possible to allow for the greatest flexibility. No matter how far in advance you schedule, you will always receive reminders from Nebrasky.

A: When you’ve signed up for auto-renewal, you will receive an email and phone call reminder that your renewal date is coming up and that the card on file will be charged. In that email there will be a link for you to book online. You also have the option of calling our office to schedule your service via a member of our team. If something has changed, you can cancel the renewal at this time.

A: By selecting auto-renewal, you benefit from not only ease of scheduling, but also the option to go on a payment plan (0% interest; applicable to packages with two or more services). For those who choose to auto-renew AND prepay, you save 15% on your total package cost.

A: You will be emailed a bill/reminder every month to let you know we will be processing your credit card. If your card is declined, we will let you know. If payment is not received, your upcoming appointments may be put on hold

A: No! We strongly recommend that you schedule your heating service for the fall, but there isn’t actually a reason to wait until it gets cold to service or test your heating system!

A: We recommend annual maintenance for all your systems to ensure optimal performance. This is why our Home Care Club lasts for one year (365 days) and we’ve started providing auto-renewal.

For a quality reliable and affordable plumber or plumbing / heating / air conditioning contractor, call on Nebrasky.

Nebrasky Plumbing, Heating & Cooling handles all phases of plumbing, heating, cooling, home energy assessments, generators and more, including installation and repairs. We also conduct air quality and carbon monoxide tests throughout Orange County, N.Y., Dutchess County, N.Y., Rockland County, N.Y. and the entire Hudson Valley.

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