Nebrasky’s June 2024 Appearance on WTBQ’s “Our Town”

Nebrasky’s Jesse Blitz and Jackie Holt hopped on WTBQ’s Our Town on June 13 to share all the essential do’s and don’ts to keep your pets and your home well taken care of this summer, while not over-spending on your energy bill. They also shared some exciting updates about Nebrasky’s partnership with Home Depot! 

Contrary to common belief, your air conditioning doesn’t have to be working overtime while your pets are home in the summer heat. Investing in a smart thermostat with programmable zones is a great option to improve the efficiency of your cooling system and the price of your energy bill. 

Pet hair and dander can be harsh on your plumbing and HVAC systems; it’s best to avoid bathing pets in bathtubs—as pet hair can cause nasty clogs—and regularly maintain and change out air conditioner filters so your system is effectively filtering out dander and circulating cleaner air!

Are you a homeowner looking for more HVAC and plumbing tips? Listen to this month’s episode of WTBQ’s Our Town with Jesse Blitz and Jackie Holt to learn more about proper home maintenance relating to your pets, PLUS learn where you can find our Nebrasky team members at a Home Depot near YOU!

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