Team Spotlight: Jesse Blitz

This month, Nebrasky is putting Jesse Blitz in its Team Spotlight! Jesse started working at Nebrasky as a Special Projects Coordinator/Sales Administrator in April 2023, and has already proven to be an invaluable member of our team. In their role, Jesse serves as a jack of all trades, working on permits, rebates, warranty registration, and recordkeeping while also dabbling in customer service and scheduling. In short, Jesse does whatever needs to be done, and they do it well! 

Though Jesse has only been at Nebrasky for a few months, their impact can be seen through our refined New York State rebate process, as well as new automations on our administrative end that have helped streamline our customer contact systems. 

Before landing here, Jesse studied at SUNY New Paltz, receiving a bachelor’s degree in gender and sexuality studies with a minor in deaf culture. They also worked as an executive assistant at Garden State Koi Pond & Waterfall Design Center for nearly five years, which provided plenty of experience working with people, handling administrative duties, and being a creator and innovator. 

When not working, Jesse loves spending time with their husband in their new home in New Jersey, along with their horse, their Husky, and the rest of their animal tribe (including four ball pythons, two geckos, and two turtles). Jesse is also active in the local horse community — specifically the barrel racing scene — and is an avid car enthusiast.

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