Avoid Plumbing Problems This Thanksgiving

Fact: The day after Thanksgiving is often the busiest day of the year for plumbers – twice as busy as any other day of the year, even more so than Hanukkah and Christmas! What most people call Black Friday, we call Brown Friday (and yes, it is because of exactly what you’re thinking…). With so many family and […]
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Diamond Contractors: Your Partner For A Hassle-Free Installation

You’ve done your homework and you’re sold on the benefits of a Mitsubishi Electric ductless solution, as compared to traditional heating and air conditioning options. The next step: Finding a reputable HVAC contractor who is familiar with the technology and will provide a satisfactory result. To help make the decision process easier, Mitsubishi Electric created […]
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Paul Nebrasky’s October 2023 Appearance on WTBQ’s “Our Town”

Paul Nebraksy hopped on WTBQ’s Our Town Radio on Tuesday, Oct. 31 to cause some mischief and have some Halloween fun. He threw a lot of TRICK questions out to listeners and the WTBQ Team, but they were rewarded with plenty of TREATS if they got the answer right! You can listen to the entire […]
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Paul Nebrasky’s September 2023 Appearance on WTBQ’s “Our Town”

Paul Nebrasky hopped on WTBQ’s Our Town on September 14 to discuss all things geothermal energy. Did you know that the average household with oil heating spends $3,000 a year to heat their home, whereas households with geothermal heat spend about half of that—only $1,500? PLUS, New York State is giving out rebates up to […]
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Benefits of Heating Maintenance

Your heating system needs annual maintenance to ensure it functions properly, and fall is a popular time for these appointments; after all, you want to make sure you’re ready to go for that first winter freeze.  What is heating maintenance?A trained technician will do a full service on your heating system, which involves inspection, cleaning, minor repairs, and much […]
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End of Summer HVAC Maintenance

Summer is almost over! As the children return to school and the weather starts to cool, it’s the perfect time to get your house and your HVAC system ready for fall. Nebrasky’s latest blog provides you with a handy-dandy checklist to make sure you’re in good shape. THERMOSTAT AIR FILTERS CLEAN THE CONDENSER UNIT SCHEDULE […]
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What Nebrasky Morale Means for Your Home and Satisfaction

Unemployment rates in the trade industry remain low. While that’s good for workers and the economy, it makes finding quality new talent a challenge and means employee retention is more important than ever. An old saying teaches that “Employees don’t leave jobs; they leave employers.” A healthy work environment doesn’t just produce happy employees. It […]
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Reasons to Schedule Routine HVAC Maintenance

If you’re looking to take great care of your HVAC system this year, consider scheduling routine professional maintenance. Regular HVAC system maintenance, which can include changing air filters and cleaning vents, helps ensure the longevity and efficiency of your unit. However, if you want your HVAC unit working at maximum efficiency, it’s best to put your […]
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10 Ways to Keep Heating Bills Down

Keeping your family warm and comfortable this winter season shouldn’t have to break the bank. Before you spend extra money by cranking the thermostat up, check out these simple tips to keep your home warm while keeping heating bills down. 1. Seal Any Air Leaks Did you know that air leaks are responsible for 25% to […]
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How to Prevent Frozen Pipes this Winter

As temperatures continue to go down and winter approaches, water pipes exposed to the elements could freeze or burst if they aren’t protected. Don’t ruin your winter by having to clean up after a frozen pipe or pay for costly repairs; there are steps homeowners can take to prevent pipes from freezing during the colder […]
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Three Reasons You Should Lower Your Water Heater Temperature

During the winter, there’s nothing better than a hot shower to warm up. However, you might want to consider lowering the temperature on your home’s water heater. Here are the top three reasons why you should consider lowering your water heater temperatures and how to do it: The average household with a water heater temperature […]
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